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C-A-B CPR Pen (box of 100)

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Prod. Code: CP302RB

Studies show that skill and knowledge retention inhibits many potential “Life Savers” from aiding someone in need of CPR. They fear hurting rather than helping a victim. The C-A-B CPR Pen addresses this fear by placing a CPR quick reference banner inside an everyday ballpoint pen. Most people carry a pen and when it is a C-A-B CPR Pen, a reminder of the latest CPR Guidelines is at their fingertips. 

To access the chart simply pull a tab on the outside of the pen and extend the very readable 6” x 2 ½” sized banner. When the tab is released, the banner recoils back inside the pen similar to how a tape measure retracts. 

It is available in black ink with a medium ball point and a rubber writing grip