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It is well known that most people would not make mouth-to-mouth contact with a stranger for fear of disease transmission. Faceshields and resuscitator masks are available to reduce this fear but how many trained in CPR will have their protection when it is needed? 

The CPR Pen addresses these concerns by having a CPR Barrier inside a pen. As long as the first aid provider carries the pen, they are ready to more safely perform CPR (and most people carry a pen). 

The Barrier is small enough to fit inside the specially designed pen barrel but large enough to help protect the rescuer. To use it, unscrew the top cap,  remove the faceshield and tear open the packaging along the tear line. The Barrier is a an approved Class II device with features that include: 

-Latex free 8"x 8" plastic shield to prevent direct contact with the victim
-Printed land marks and instructions on how to use it to deliver breaths
-Hydrophobic protective filter over the breathing hole to help prevent contact with a victim's saliva or blood yet allow sufficient ventilation
-Sterile plastic packaging 

The pen comes with black ink and a medium ball point. 

The CPR Pen is great for students of CPR and First Aid classes or for businesses, healthcare agencies and emergency responders to give away as a relevant promotional product during trade shows, sales calls or other events.