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ActFast Abdominal Thrust Training Vest (with Back Slap Pad)

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Prod. Code: ACT101

The ActFast training vest is an excellent aid to teach the proper Abdominal Thrust Maneuver, commonly known as the Heimlich Maneuver. CPR instructors, hospitals, EMS, fire departments, or any other safety organization will find this a very effective teaching tool.

It provides students with instant feedback on proper placement of their hands and technique for the upward thrust needed to dislodge obstructions in the victim's airway. 

To use, place your hands in the correct position, between the navel and the rib cage, resting them lightly on the vest. Then deliver a quick upward abdominal thrust to dislodge the obstruction. The correct technique will result in the plug shooting into the air, providing instant feedback and teaching concept.

The red model has back slap training pad