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Trauma Randy Upgrade

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Ideal for training staff to prepare them to manage trauma stabilization

Bleeding system is easy to use, provides hours of training, and features rapid changes in presentation for students and department members

Realistic Moulage System is designed for easy, rapid-fire use

Deploy detailed moulages in seconds with the option of bleeding or non-bleeding presentation

Includes four bleeding moulages, one deep bleeding packing wound, three shallow bleeding wounds, and one third degree burn

Complete bleeding system overlay includes ports to support the flash moulage arm, leg, and head

External blood management system and foot pump with gravity tank will work with clotting and non-clotting simulated blood products

 Includes one gallon of TrueClot® Blood Simulant Concentrate, TrueClot® Simulant Hemostatic Gauze (Rolled 3-Pack and Z-folded 3-Pack), 500 ml of TrueClot® Simulant Clotting Solution, and one flushing syringe to clear line

Complete Trauma Upgrade including: Torso Overlay, Arm, Leg and Head Flash Moulage