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Flexible Ice Rolls 3" x 16.5" - Case of 24 ($1.90 each)

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Price: $45.00
Prod. Code: CR8500

  • A unique roll that has liquid filled cells containing a patented liquid formula that delivers cold therapy when frozen or chilled
  • Each cell is 2.88" x 1.38" and there are 12 cells per roll (2.88" x 16.5") allowing them to wrap around most injured areas
  • Can be held in place by elastic wraps or cohesive tape.
  • Like ice, the ice blankets should not be directly on the skin (wrap in a towel/cloth or apply over thin clothing)
  • Reusable by refreezing
  • Sold as case of 24 rolls each being 2.88" x 16.5" or 1 cell x 12 cells
  • Can be cut to smaller lengths by cells

NOTE: This product can be special ordered in various length x width configurations (e.g. for ice blankets)