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Duty Range Heavy Adult

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Prod. Code: RLN70

Heavy Adult - 70kg - 154lbs

Height 1.8m - 5.9'


  • Anatomically correct weight distribution gives the 'feel' of an unconscious person
  • Strong webbing loop allows easy positioning, storage and hanging up for drying.
  • Strong enough to be buried under concrete or steel lintels with no damage - these manikins are tough!
  • The Polyester is waterproof, making it suitable for wet or foul scenarios such as Hazmat/ CBRN as it can be more easily cleaned and dried than canvas or leather models.
  • Can withstand being driven over with a 4x4 vehicle and being dropped from a 2nd floor window onto a concrete floor with no damage.
  • Soft body joints eliminate the risk of pinch welts and bruising, a common injury when using plastic bodied manikins.
  • Protective consumables including, tough drag protectors, coveralls and boots, greatly extended the life of the manikin and help save you costs.